This is the original have fun with and you may evaluation ones measures inside Slovenia

The key shopping for of one’s studies is actually one women’s size work within the Slovenia had not lead to an enthusiastic reducing of one’s burden towards feminine or a actually shipments off operate in the brand new family (and in neighborhood)

The fundamental questions on the survey was indeed: what is the current delivery regarding spots from the family unit members, just what transform keeps took place the latest shipment regarding roles on the individual members of the family versus your family away from provider, and you may what personality off changes in gender jobs in the future generations create respondents anticipate? The outcome was processed that have a couple of very inetric analytics: the procedure off hierarchical research sorting and you can Markov chains. As a whole, it’s interesting you to ladies’ training and lookup has produced several creative methodological tips and you will habits within the sociological search. I displayed the outcomes of the study within Community Sociological Congress in the Uppsala and you may produced far wonder, that are the first speech out of women’s training off an excellent socialist nation.

A comparison towards age group of your parents revealed that the so-titled expressive spots (child care, bringing snacks, housework) was generally ladies work, but compared to the earlier in the day age bracket female and additionally obtained important spots (deciding on requests, looking after earnings, means regulations to possess elevating pupils, authority). New proclaimed equivalence of women try limited by mass work. High standards when it comes to homemaking and you will raising youngsters, and also the challenges to consume, on top of that strained female. It is interesting one men throughout the questionnaire adopted gender equivalence from the ilies desired to maintain a timeless division, in the same manner from: ‘We have absolutely nothing up against the equality of women, not inside my nearest and dearest!’ The answer are found in the introduction of the consumer community, within the technical taking on stressful home performs.

Area of the trying to find from our study is the division out of work in families in Slovenia regarding the seventies are fairly conventional and you may patriarchal

Area of the situation came across from the feminist position when you look at the sociology once the really as with other disciplines whether or not it is created ‘s the problem of validity as well as the right to educational updates, just as it struggled to have governmental status in public life. Part of the effectiveness brand new affirmation of one’s feminist angle arrived of mainly based academia and its own resistance to emancipatory discourse. The primary dispute from the feminist direction was it absolutely was considered unscientific and having ideological colour, that feminist training don’t have good discursive but a easy to use profile. Meanwhile it needs to be noted one feminist degree don’t have developed once they is only the outcome from theoretic discussion. Feminist scientific studies are the consequence of theoretic activism given that an emancipatory you will need to analysis gender inequality, and that notices and you may interprets the lack and you can insensitivity from idea while the good ‘political phenomenon’ rather than given that an educational omission otherwise mistake.

The feminist perspective lead another theoretic innovations into personal sciences: the brand new thematization of the private/personal relationship – brand new dualism where rests ladies uneven condition in the people; the thought of sexism given that a tool regarding analysis off the newest ideology away from gender jobs; together with endorsement of gender because the a personal category and also as a keen empirical disease. Until then the private areas got handled inside the sociology since the an area of private ideas and needs which can be personal and irrational and that maybe not trying to find brand of theoretical analysis or carrying any potential to own lookup and you will invention. Side by side using this type of department would be the categories of maleness and womanliness, and you can gender department. Right here, also, the existing thesis is actually one to dudes replicate themselves on personal industries, economically and you will politically, when you’re female reproduce by themselves into the interpersonal matchmaking, kryss av about family relations as a result to the requires out of someone else. A lady try discussed of the her romantic relationships when you look at the family unit members.

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