Once, a character appears helping her or him of the concealing him or her off the fresh new armed forces and in their home

When they awaken, they find themselves in a field then locate a huge Lacrima, a great deal larger compared to you to definitely it watched prior to, and discover the place together with in which their friends is being kept. There, the newest character with his wife clean out Happier and you will Carla that have hospitality plus they learn that why they protected her or him is mainly because these were banished from the kingdom which they won’t listen on their legislation. Happy nonetheless chooses to save people they know and you can tries to thought of your 2nd course of action, that have Carla nonetheless impression responsible.

Yet not, Marl’s words manage to reach Carla, and you will she regains their sensory faculties, deciding to venture out as well as Delighted to your Regal Capital and you may save your self their friends. They jump off the boundary of Extalia and then realize that the reason they did not travel prior to is actually as his or her thoughts were troubled, the good news is there is nothing to consider and their wings shoot up once more. Since they are leaving the fresh new character and his wife comment on Happy’s gains, and you may show that he’s indeed their parents and that they try proud of what he’s got be, and with a lovely girlfriend.

Race Royale [ ]

Back in the Regal Financing, the new army chief and you may Faust discover that the newest individuals out-of Earth House is also shop Wonders inside their authorities once the Is higher than. Faust up coming states you to Queen Shagotte made an announcement to possess Lucy’s performance.

This gives Delighted and you will Carla a chance to stay away from and have now when you look at the tower where Natsu and Wendy are

As the a great barefoot Lucy recalls the brand new dialogue between your Surpass Queen additionally the humans, Erza Knightwalker guides inside in fact it is mistaken for Erza Vivid red, that have Lucy looking to inquire about let but the latter only drags their own out of the telephone, intending to push their own throughout the palace and you can eliminate their unique. Lucy discovers that this Erza are an adversary just who keeps google search Fairy End Mages, and just because the she gets pushed out-of, Happier and Carla arrive just as time passes to catch their particular. After, Carla tries to get some info concerning in which Natsu and you can Wendy are by acting to-be Queen Shaggote’s child. She seems to read their place but doesn’t save them, while the army was told you to she and you will Delighted are Dropped. While they try to sanctuary, Master Nichiya and you can an armed forces out-of meet or exceed are available and then try to seize him or her, with them comprehending that the brand new Exceed keep them cornered one another out-of air and also the crushed.

Only then the Queen sees the fresh new military of Surpass appear and you will decides to start Code ETD, which leads to brand new Surpass getting turned a big Lacrima crystal. While they run down the newest staircase to where he or she is, he is assaulted by Erza Knightwalker along with her military and you can read the military is already emptying the new Secret out of their relatives, that may destroy him or her. Despite Carla demanding it return Wendy, Erza ignores their and you will prepares so you’re able to eliminate their own, but Happier defends their own and you will informs their own to eliminate your earliest. Just as she actually is going to take action a surge takes place at the rear of the fresh new army and you can Erza Bright red having Gray Fullbuster frequently get in on the race, having the ability to play with the miracle.

When you’re Erza holds away from their unique similar, Grey therefore the other people head for the where the Dragon slayers are. They then discover that Gajeel is also from inside the Edolas and that’s assaulting the brand new army, and therefore the new Lacrima it watched from the courtyard is only Gray and you will Erza, which Gajeel put out him or her out-of which have Dragon Slayer Magic. Realizing that Gajeel can use their Magic to displace the others also, Happier flies with the Gajeel and requires your so you’re able to the spot where the Lacrima is located. In the event the someone else fundamentally started to the bedroom where Natsu and you can Wendy are, they understand that they are too late, then again Grey takes out a container regarding tablets to feed Natsu and Wendy. They in the near future regain consciousness, and you can learn that Grey and you may Erza, including Lucy, was in fact all able to use Magic due to the pills Mystogan got provided all of them. Once Natsu gets up, the guy fees from the space and you may Wendy says to the remainder that military intentions to fool around with Dragon Slayer Magic to help https://getbride.org/pt/mulheres-holandesas/ you crush the newest large Lacrima into the Extalia and create endless Wonders.

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